About Us

With A Purpose Products

Who We Are

With A Purpose Products is a family owned pet product company. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we are the manufacturer of the USA made cat toy, Kung Fu Kitty™.

As a company, we take seriously caring for our partners and our fans.  This means our primary focus is consistency and quality throughout all we do; living up to business practices of the highest expectations. Our flagship brand, Kung Fu Kitty™, represents our values and work ethic in a physical product by offering a premium USA made product at an affordable price both you and your cat can enjoy.

Our Goal

To take pride in every facet of our work so we can provide great brands that you can trust. We offer brands of innovative design and quality production at an affordable price. We focus on doing every job with a purpose and pride, so you can feel confident in our brands and your purchase.

About With A Purpose Products

“As a child, my father used to have me work odd jobs over the summer. Whether it was painting fences, varnishing hardwood floors, or cleaning carpets, I would work slower than a snail and hope the day was almost over. My dad would exclaim to me, ‘Walk with a purpose, work like you care about your job!’ At the time, the phrase annoyed me to no end, but the sentiment became clear over time: don’t just do the job, do it right, do it well, take pride in your work.

With A Purpose Products focuses to accomplish that exact goal; provide products and service that not only serve a purpose, but also strive to be the best in the market. Whether we create a product that no one has seen the likes of before, or whether we tweak an existing product to make it more user friendly; With A Purpose Products provides premium products at an affordable price.”

– Christopher Gardner, Founder